Amsterdam Dance Event 2019-ADE

Amsterdam Dance Event 2019-ADE

Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE) is heaven for the dance lovers and is the largest club festival around the world; you cannot find anything like ADE elsewhere. Being the leading electronic music festival and music businees plataform in Europe, Amsterdam dance event is the perfect electronic music fest that one can attend. This year, the ADE celebrates its 24 years!

Amsterdam dance event 24th edition is all set to happen in October this year. The dates have been announced. Mark your calendars from the 16th to the 20th of October. Peeking into last years Amsterdam dance event, the festival was able to host almost 400,000 visitors from across the world. People of various cultures, regions and countries came to attend this dance music mecca. Thus, in 2019, ADE is all set to welcome everyone, all over again, to get lost in the culture of electronic music and dance to the beats wildly. The opening concert will take place on 16th October 2019 by SOHN and Metropole Orkest, at Melkweg, in Rabozaal.

This year, yet again, Metropole Orkest beacuse of previous collaborations that have been a blast, developed into a permanent fixture at ADE, for the 4th year in a row. They have previously collaborated with Colin Benders in 2018 and Henrik Schwarz in 2016 has been a massive hit. Thus, Metropole Orkest has now taken over the ADE again this year, to explore the various genres of electronic music.

The artistic manager of ADE, Robert Soomer states:

“Right after the ADE 2018, we started discussing ideas for 2019 and its opening concert. SOHN was one name that we all suggested and considered the best as well. His music is impeccable and is written with a different perspective. His combination of electronic and analogue instruments, sets him apart. Moreover, his voice and lyrics add up to his aura and make him the best choice that we thought of. Thus, this collaboration will bring a very different yet unique music to the opening concert of ADE.


According to resources, the ADE conference will be a bit different this year. A theme based inspiration will be adopted for the conference as it will help the delegates in understanding the matter without having to demand for a deep conversation. The theme-based conference will also help in communicating the basic issue right away and will portray a very vertical and straightforward style this year.

The creative industry will be handling the electronic music and will manage chores like stage designing, art installations etc. On the other hand, a broader will be programming around the live industry. Moreover, the ADE Health will be managing workshops and will hunt for talented psychologists, trainers and much more.

There is a new addition to the ADE 2019 conference speaker lineup; Andy NG who is a group senior consultant at Tencent Music Entertainment. TME is a huge name in the world of music. They own various apps like Kuwo Music, QQ Music and WeSing. Moreover, a lineup of speakers of the conference has been announced already. There will be great names like Robert Willaims of Chicago Warehouse. Furthermore, Soundcloud’s Global Head of Music and Artist Relations, Lisa Ellis, will also be speaking at the conference this year. She will be throwing limelight on her ideas which can help broaden SoundCloud in the music globe and how they can hunt for talent globally to take SoundCloud to the enhanced level.

The concept of ADE conference definitely remains the same. The idea is to bring together some of the most prominent music production houses under one roof, to boost productivity, creativity and innovative something unique! However, this year, it is all going to be based on a theme so that all the attendees are able to understand the objective of it right away!


The Amsterdam Dance Event Conference is not accessible for all. If you have the ADE Pass, only then you can attend the conference. Other than that, the conference pass holders are a part of it. The passes are not yet available. They will be up for sale on July 31st and you will have to grab them as soon as possible because they run out immediately.


ADE is one of the most crucial business platforms for electronic music producers around the world. Its importance is undeniable as music production companies, from across the globe, visit their conference and share their ideas for enhancement right here. This five day long festival makes Amsterdam the hub of musical, cultural and technological innovation.

100 Years of Electronic Music Instruments
It is 100 years since the first musical instrument, known as the ætherphone – or Theremin – first emerged. The now iconic ætherphone seemed like a curio at first but was really the beginning of a revolution. ADE will be putting this century of revolution into perspective, and reminding you of the wild, sometimes cracked, minds that have created or popularised the devices that in turn expanded our collective imaginations.

ADE TECH’s first announced keynote speaker is Dr. Werner Vogels, Chief Technology Officer at Amazon. He is responsible for driving the customer-centric technology vision within one of the fastest growing companies in the world.

ADE University: What’s Next?
ADE University, the conference for young music professionals, announced that it will continue with Her. Grows, a mentor program concept by global initiative shesaidso. Last year, Shesaidso.amsterdam and ADE University teamed up for a mini-mentor program available to five young female professionals, who were selected by ADE and shesaidso.ams. The first Dutch edition of She. Grows was an unqualified success for both mentors and mentees and will be back in 2019.
During What’s, Next?, a new University format, young execs who are well on their way and working up the career ladder will be given the opportunity to talk honestly about how it is to be in their shoes. In a rapid-fire 20-minute session, they describe how they got their first break, what they did to build on it, what that has led to so far, what they hope to achieve in the coming 12 months and what they ultimately want from their careers.


SOHN creates electronic music which is really unique and will give you James Blake feeling with the subtle beats and wonderfully different music. There debut EP which was released in 2012, “The Wheel” was an incredible music innovation and was highly appreciated as well. They have already given two overwhelmingly adored performances and thus, they are a part of 2019 Amsterdam Dance Event.


Metropole Orkest is usually mistaken as classical music as that is the first thing that clicks your mind in the name of opera. However, that is not the case with Metropole Orkest at all. They play a different combo of genres of electronic music. From jazz to funk and from pop to soul; they play everything! The variety is crazy and all of them are impeccably well!

Metropole Orkest has shared the stage with legends like Brain Eno, Ella Fitzgerald and Basement Jaxx and Bono etc. They are known for their unique combinations as they push through the restrictions of traditional electronic music and go beyond the limitations of contemporary pop and jazz too. Their versatility is the major reason why they are yet again, a part of Amsterdam Dance Event, for the 4th time in a row.

ADE has been running for years and it has been improving with time. It has enhanced in several ways and the last 4 years have been a wonderful ride of success due to Metropole Orkest being a part of their opening concert and overall music and dance festival too. Make sure that you do attend this festival which is famous worldwide for its versatility and electronic music. It is, indisputably, the biggest and craziest dance heaven for music and dance lovers!

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