Exit Festival The most talked festival of the actuality

Exit Festival The most talked festival of the actuality

EXIT FESTIVAL, Music festivals are a big deal for music freaks and party animals and in Europe; people usually are crazy for them. The concept of music festivals grew from 1969, after the amazing US Woodstock Festival. The brilliant idea of getting different music artists, under one roof, was just the perfect one needed by the party freaks of the 1990s.

Live performances, numerous artists and an endless outdoor area to move and dance around; doesn’t it all sound too good to be real? Well, this does not just sound evoking but it actually is and it arises a different feeling for the music and dance lovers too.

Festivals, specifically music festivals caught the eye of the audience since the Woodstock festival and the concept grew so massively that now, there is a huge list of music festivals that take place in Europe every year.

If you are looking forward to start experiencing the magic of music festivals then there are definitely a lot of them that you can visit. However, we personally think that Exit music Festival makes every penny worth it and you would not want to miss out on this specific event at all.

In a diversity of festivals, this one is pretty amazing and makes you forget every single worry of the day! So let’s start with discovering everything that you must know about Exit as to how it started and what long journey it has been through to be on the top music festivals list.

The festival was founded in 2000 and was never intended to become a major electronic music festival at all. It was a protest done by students, against the government. They held the protest in a simple university park, with the intention to fight for freedom and to save democracy.

The protest took place in 2001 again, in the Petrovaradian Fortress and thus, it became a huge festival. What remains common in this festival, since the day it started is that it still holds its social importance and a lot of social activities are inculcated in it as well.

Exit is an award-winning music festival and it has managed to gather immense praise from all across the world. It won the best overs eases festival award in 2007, at the UK festival awards. In 2013, it received the best major festival award. It has also been ranked at number 1, amongst the top 10 oversea awards in 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012. In 2013, it did win the award again but it was not on number 1 through but it has been managing to stun the audience with its magnificence for a long time.

Exit has steered a lot of media attention in the previous years and has been a mentioned in articles by CNN and CNN world fiesta too. It was a part of the best music festivals feature in the June 2011 edition.

The Guardian also termed Exit as one of the best music festivals to attend in 2006 and they also declared it a great destination for tourists in 2008. Also, a British newspaper included Exit in their article too, stating it as one of the most wonderful music festivals ever.
 Exit is not just an award-winning music festival but it has managed to steer in a lot of media attention as well.

Journalists have talked about it and have praised it endlessly, declaring it one of the most happening electronic music festival of all times that must not be missed out.

This is the major reason why the organizers of this music festival, organize the event in 4 different countries and 5 different locations. The praise and attraction are real and the demand is more as well.

There are different stages at the Exit Festival. One is the main stage with explosive and fusion stages along with others as well. There is a separate dance arena as well.

The Main Stage: This stage is located at the heart of the fortress and has a capacity of 35,000 people. The backdrop of the main stage is pretty impressive as it is an all-natural scene which is really eye-catching.

The Main Stage basically welcomes all the famous artists, no matter which genre they belong too. If you want to experience the most popular performances by some of the most famous artists then you obviously need to be at the main stage.

Explosive Stage: The explosive stage is made for the hard rock music and if you love punk and metal then this is the stage you need to be at. A lot of great names in the world of harder music have performed on the explosive stage.

In the previous years, artists like Fear Factory, 7 seconds, The Business and Death Angel, along with many more have been a part of the performances here.

Fusion Stage: Fusion stage is the largest stage of Exit and it welcomes the most prominent names of the rock and pop music. Artists belonging to Serbia and the neighbouring countries are usually seen performing on this stage. However, people from other places also perform here but they are not in abundance.

If you are a dance music lover, then there is no better place than the dance arena. It is considered as one of the best electronic music arenas throughout the world. You won’t be able to experience a dance arena as wonderful as the one at Exit festival. It has the ability to host more than 20,000 people. The dance arena starts in the evening and plays through the entire night. It lasts till dawn so if you are a party animal then this is going to be the perfect spot for you.

The Exit Festival is all set to take place in July. The dates have been announced and it will take place from the 7th to the 9th of July. A lot of influential individuals will also be invited to the festival this year.

New stages will also be added this year to the festival and various hip hop and rock and pop acts will also be included. The festival tribe will perform various electronic live acts.

Well, you definitely would want to visit the festival now, don’t you? You can now book the tickets and get your party gear ready. You certainly don’t want to miss out on this festival as it is one of the best electronic music festivals that happen in Europe.

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