Love Family Park 2019 the review

Love Family Park 2019 the review

Love Family Park, one of the best German festivals you must witness at least once in your lifetime.
Once more CosmoPop has delivered a fantastic event, 12 hours of wild raving with the best artists from the Techno and House Spectrum.
The Love Family Park 2019 edition was perfectly organised, they literally have thought about everything.
Security was perfect when they were needed, they did act very fast and with an effective manner.
The venue was well built, without the music of the stages overtaking the music from the other stages.
There is nothing worse than you trying to listen to a perfect set, and it comes all mixed up with the music from a different stage.
Food and Drink stalls were well spread through the event, that was really good because waiting cues were small or close to none.
A tasty variety of food plenty to choose from, and all at reasonable prices.
The lineup that was the banger, from the start till the end was outstanding.

It started with Barnt, Butch and SHDW & Obscure Shape, all with good sets.
But from all three Butch was the man who pulled it up perfectly sweet sounds and a fantastic atmosphere.

Adam Beyer, Pan-Pot and Karotte, although it was 12 o’clock was expecting more from Adam Beyer.
Found is set a bit mellow, from what he usually brings in to the table but maybe was because of the time he was playing.
Karotte has delivered a fantastic set as usual, but the best performance was by Pan-Pot they have a unique style to bring a tremendous atmosphere to the dance floor.

Maceo Plex, Boris Brejcha, Peggy Gou, three fantastic performances.
At this time it was not easy to choose which one from the three, but Peggy Gou was my favourite she simply brings in what you want to hear.

Solomun, Jamie Jones and Charlotte de Witte, they presented us with three spectacular sets.
Solomun and Jamie Jones they just know how to impress every time they play, they really know how to read people and what to bring up when needed.
Charlotte de Witte, purely fantastic!!! What a set she played, she just pulled all the crowd to another level was unbelievable.

Marco Carola, Sven Väth and Amelie Lens.
Was expecting more from Marco Carola was not his best set so far but was ok just think he could do better.
Sven Väth, PaPa Sven after such a long time Djing, he just knows it, he knows what the crowd needed, delivered an excellent performance.
Amelie Lens, outstanding she was the winner when I thought it would be hard to pull it up after the level Charlotte de Witte left the dance floor.
And she did it the crowd was over the moon with her set, an utterly outstanding performance.

Ricardo Villalobos and Chris Liebing.
Who already have listened to Ricardo knows he was fantastic a usual never lost his pace, that’s the excellence, Ricardo Villalobos.
Chris Liebing, just fantastic he played the right set at the right moment.
He is a Dj where the experience can be seen and felted, he just knows what the crowd need.

Just think the festival could be more than only 12 hours, there is a lot of potential for more a lot more.
Overall the festival was fantastic, five stars, totally recommend it should be definitely in your festival bucket.
Definitely, one of the 10 best festivals in Germany that you should witness before you die.

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