The best electronic music festivals in Germany for 2019

The best electronic music festivals in Germany for 2019

The elctronic music events in Germany you can not miss for 2019

The best elctronic music festivals in Germany for 2019. It’s literally impossible to talk about electronic music festivals without mentioning Germany at least once!!!

A country full of pioneers in the electronic music industry, with one of the most famous group in the world that revolutionized the electronic music, “Kraftwerk” that has shown a new path how to make music with new and futuristic sounds.

Since the arrival of the synthesizers and Drum Machine also new music styles, House and Techno from Chicago and Detroit due to American influence that had been felt in the country since the post-war, the youngsters started to make new ways to party and show their talent to the public playing and producing  music on a totally new way.

For example in 1989 when Love Parade was born, a parade of techno that was so famous that it reached 1,000000 of visitors, the entertainment industry was growing impressively and spreading quickly and successfully all over the country.

The quality of the German artists started to be recognized  worldwide. Artists that together with others have revolutionized the modern electronic music all over the world.

Capital “Berlin” being the epicentre of the scene because of the open minded population and house of many of the clubing legends of the Europe, Clubs like Berghain, Tresor, Watergate  that have become the main attractions and the must go clubs, for those who love electronic music that come to visit Berlin and want to feel a pure german rave night, or for who simply looking for the best electronic music hot spots in Town.

A country that Hosts inumerous festivals that are known all over the world, festivals such as, Time Warp, Nature one, Love Family Park, that been continuously putting together the best lineups of the industry from the most world known artists to new rising stars.

Today the electronic music festivals in Germany scene is one with the highest quality  in industry on worldwide level.

Here you will find the best festivals in Germany for 2019.

Time Warp festival 2019 , Mannheim, Germany

Time Warp Festival 2019, Mannheim, Germany

Time Warp festival 2019 is back to celebrate its 25th birthday the most complete techno music festival of its kind, bringing to Mannheim the best artists of the genere. Ravers from the four corners of the world come to the huge hangar that houses the festival, to get involved in 19 hours, without

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Psychedelic Circus Festival 2019

Psychedelic Circus Festival 2019, Göhlen, Germany

Psychedelic Circus Open Air Festival, is a electronic festival that will take place in Göhlen, Germany to celebrate the official kick-off of the German festival season 2019. After creating a magical candy world for festival visitors last year, this year, new, colourful and secret worlds await you. From 09.05 to 13.05.2019, Join Psychedelic

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Ikarus Festival 2019

Ikarus Festival 2019, Memmingerberg, Germany

Ikarus Festival 2019 is a elctronic music festival held at a former military airfield that will be transformed into an unprecedented spectacle for this editon.Putting together artists from all over the world performing on several stages, surrounded by a idyllic forest, Airport and the old aviation hangar. Is a 3 days festival dancing

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World Club Dome 2019

World Club Dome 2019, Frankfurt, Germany

World Club Dome 2019, is an electronic music festival taking place in Frankfurt am Main. Considered the largest club festival in the world with about 150,000 visitors. Big city Beats is preparing an event with the world’s most famous DJ’s of Techno, EDM, Trance, House and more. Ravers come from all over the

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Isle of Summer 2019

Isle of Summer 2019, Munich, Germany

Isle of Summer 2019, the most beloved Techno and House festival in Munich is back to celebrate its 10th anniversary. Considered one of the best open airs in Germany due to its fantastic lineups that have been presenting every year with the best Dj’s of Techno and House spectrum. 11 hours full throttle

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Greenfields Festival 2019

Greenfields Festival 2019, Munich, Germany

Greenfields Festival 2019, is an electronic music festival that is going to happen in Munich, Germany. The festival is a 1-day festival with 11 hours of high-quality music, with “Cosmopop” the organizers of “Timewarp; Love Family Park; Sonus” behind the organization, they surely will reserve some surprises for us. You can count with

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Ruhr-in-Love 2019

Ruhr-in-Love 2019, Oberhausen, Germany

Ruhr-in-Love 2019, is an electronic music festival that will take place in Oberhausen, Germany. A gigantic event with about 40 stages and 400 artists from virtually every genre of the electronic music spectrum, from House, Techno, Trance, Electro, to hardstyle.   Ruhr-in-Love 2019, will own Olga Park for a full day where it

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Airbeat One Festival 2019

Airbeat One Festival 2019, Neustadt-Glewe, Germany

Airbeat One Festival 2019 is back in Neustadt-Glewe for another edition. Already one of the most promising festivals in Europe and one of the most beloved in Germany. The festival has been growing at an impressive rate with about 50,000 visitors last year and with everything indicating that this number will increase this

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Sea You Festival 2019

Sea You Festival 2019, Freiburg, Germany

Sea You festival 2019  one of Germany’s most sought house and techno festivals at the banks of the Tunisee Lake. Sea You festival is known as the ‘Beach Republic’, with over 25,000 techno lovers seeking to enjoy the sun while listen to good tunes and having fun by the lake. With the best

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Habitat Festival 2019

HABITAT Festival 2019, Hohenlockstedt, Germany

Habitat Festival 2019 Habitat Festival 2019 is a electronic music festival taking place in Hohenlockstedt, Germany. Habitat is where music, arts, and culture comes together as one, bringing to you various genres of music. Ravers flood the small airfield of Hohenlockstedt for a fantastic spectacle with the best artists of the Drum and Bass, Dubstep,

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