The summertime craziness is brewing in Ibiza, a place, well-known for its parties and world famous music fests.
This island is in between Spain and Majorca and is home to an insane amount of music events and festivities, that leaves anyone overwhelmed.
Being new to this magically eye-catching island can make you a little anxious.
However, if you are a party animal, then visiting Ibiza, during the summertime is the best thing that you can opt for.
It is home to some of the world-famous music events, starting in May and lasts until October. If you want to experience the perfect meaning of summertime fun, the Ibiza defines it rather perfectly.
Here, we have summed up some the top 10 most prominent and best electronic music events in Ibiza for 2019.
These have been taking place for years, and this year, they promise to get better and bigger as people from all around the world, visit this Island for the sake of partying.


Music On has been a flagship event of Marco Carola, and it was a shock when he announced that he was going to leave Amnesia. However, the shock did not last long as Marco announced that his “larger than life” amazing party would be held at Pacha this year.
Pacha has ever been a house to techno music for a long time and this year, with Music On taking place there; it will be nothing less than a delight for all the electronic music lovers.
The change of venue for Music On has been in the plans for a year. Thus it is safe to say that the move has been entirely planned.
As Pacha has a history of its own, it is one of the best places to visit while in Ibiza. It is home to the most famous DJs, and if you love electronic music, then there is simply no way that you wish to miss out on this one at all.
Pacha is open daily and offers you 7 different music events every day. Isn’t that simply heaven for party animals? However, if you are specifically looking forward to Music On then, it will be happening every Thursday at Pacha from May 16 to October 3. These five months are the peak summer craziness time for the people of Ibiza. Don’t miss it out!

Solomun +1
Pacha Ibiza:

Solomun +1 Pacha Ibiza

This summer, Diynamic label boss Solomun returns to Pacha for his best ever season of the now globally recognised Solomun +1. The last 12 months have found Solomun once again touring the world and playing at a number of his own Diynamic showcases and festivals. This year he will take this legendary party to Exit Festival for the first time after showcases in Beirut, New York, Berlin, LA and Tulum, Mexico have established it around the globe. Of course, he also starred in the latest Grand Theft Auto game, which cemented his reputation as one of the most recognisable faces of house music, and Solomun + 1 is now officially the longest running residency at Pacha after the famous Flower Power night.

Resistance Ibiza
Privilege Ibiza:

Resistance ibiza 2019
RESISTANCE Ibiza is ready to storm the White Isle for its 2019 season. After only recently wrapping up the debut of RESISTANCE Island at the 21st edition of Ultra Music Festival in Miami, the DJ Awards’ winner for Ibiza Night 2018 has unveiled the season calendar for its third summer on the island. The loaded nine-week residency will launch with its Opening Party on 23 Jul and take place every Tuesday at Privilege Ibiza until its colossal Closing Party on 17 Sep.


octan ibiza 2019
Octan promises to beat the cultural club experience in Ibiza and sets the game differently for all the club goers. This space offers a very strong and wonderful musical vibe that is hard to ignore. Octan is all about the incredible heritage of music, and it will be opening on 7th July, Sunday, this year.
The best part about Octan is that the legendary Sunday hangout warriors will be hosting the opening of this music festivity on 7th July.
The maze of warren rooms and the open air terrace create a fun-filled vibe, making you crave for more and more. It also has guests rooms which are more of a secretive place and not known by many. The parties in Ibiza are usually surrounding the idea of massive space, but Octan believes in making the experience much personal and close to the heart of the visitors. It gives you your private space, which sets it apart from the usual music events you might visit.
The combination of some legendary DJs will be seen at Octan, with names like Lindsey Mathews, Kellie Allen and Ryan O’Gorman being the top 3. From July 7th till October; every Sunday, Octan will be a sight to see and live through, so don’t miss it out.


Together ibiza 2019

Are you looking for an extremely large party, where the sounds are booming out of the speakers and are embracing you completely? Well, then Together is the best place for you.
This is one of the loudest music events in Ibiza that party animals love visiting.
The craziness here is impeccable and simply unbeatable. The heavy bass sounds that go around and across the spectrum make Together is big deal for the people that comes to Ibiza.
From great lighting to a wonderful line up of bass artists and from the laser lights to the incredible production; Together has been an utter favourite of Ibiza for a long time. Together will be open from 4th June till September 17th and if you visit Ibiza during these months, then do visit this event for sure. You will get a huge chance to let yourself loose and dwell into the sounds around you!


MUSE ibiza 2019

Looking for something special? Well, this is it then!
Muse is Lehar’s and Musumeci’s brand new music night that will be taking place at The Heart, Ibiza this year, lightening up 5 nights of this island will be nothing less than magic.
From June till October, every first Tuesday of the Month, Muse will be held at the Heart, Ibiza will be a party that you will never forget.
It is more than just a music event as it tends to be more of a blend of music and art both. The combo will provide you with an experience that will be unique and will allow you to experience something completely diverse from anything else happens at this island.
Muse is unique as it possesses a holistic spirit and combines tradition with modernism through music. This is a very different type of electronic music event that you are certainly going to love
. If you visit Ibiza during June and October, then make sure to pay a visit to the Heart Factory and enjoy yourself to the music of Muse.


WILCHILD ibiza 2019

Another musical party that will be taking place at Heart Ibiza is the Wild Child. It will be happening every Saturday, from 1st June to 28th September.
Game Over has bought some of the best music events in Ibiza for the past years. Events like One Night Stand and Pure Carl Cox have been a major hit and were heavily loved by the people of Ibiza too.
This year, Game Over as produced the Wild Child and we are certainly very excited about it. The inspiration lies in the ’90s, and the theme is drawn around the block parties that took place during that time.
The combination of the ’90s with the modern time partying is certainly lethal and heavily enjoyable! The perfect madness of music is all set to take place at Heart Ibiza. Do visit the Wild Child and dance the night away to some of the best DJs and heavy bass sounds.
Nothing feels like letting your hair open and diving into music for endless hours.


One night stand ibiza 2019

If you thought that One Night Stand would not make its way back this year; then you were wrong. As it is here and will be happening on 12th July, 9th August and 20th September. All the three events will take place at DC-10, on Fridays.
This has been one of the most talked about parties in Ibiza. On 20th September, One Night Stand will be celebrating its 3rd birthday as well, so you might be looking forward to something special.
World famous artists like Carl Cox, Shonky, Better Lost Than Stupid, Enzo, Norman Cook and Dyed Soundorom will be at the One Night Stand and will drive you through the night.
What else can an electronic music lover demand for? Also, more names are being lined up for the music night, but the names are not further unveiled.

Eden Ibiza:

Idol ibiza 2019

A unique combination of classical sounds with electronic music is heard and felt at the IDOL.
IDOL has been world famous due to its diversity and has made its spot in the well-known Eden, in San An, to get bigger and better in 2019.
The new venue is offering a lot more uniqueness to this famous music event. The music policies are said to be wider and contemporary superstars along with the most famous names of electronic music will be seen performing at IDOL.
Murjd will be included in IDOL this year, and people that come to Ibiza certainly know how amazing this artist is.
So would you miss it guys? We think not. For a rich and warm vibe of the music, make sure that you go to IDOL and dazzle yourself with the betterment it has to offer with the new venue!
Don’t miss out on this event that will start on June 3rd and will end on September 16th.


Dance or die ibiza 2019

An underground, super-sized party sounds fun, right?
Well, Dance or Die is just about that! With Carl Cox playing twice at this party; nothing seems to be more magnetizing then the thought of it. The opening party of Dance or Die will happen on 19th June and Paco Osuna will be performing at it.
If you have ever heard him play before; you certainly know that it is worthy of every second.
With a very spacious venue, Dance or Die gives you the perfect vibe of partying. You won’t regret visiting this one at all. It will take place every Wednesday, from 19th June to 25th September.

Ibiza is the heart and soul of some of the best and most happening music and dance events. During the summertime, this island transforms into a party that never ends. From May end till October, Ibiza has a large number of musical festivities that are a great escape for the people who work and live at this island. If you are at Ibiza, then you should get your passes beforehand. You don’t want to miss out on your local parties by outsiders, do you?
Summertime is the best time of the year to let loose and break through the monotonous and dull routine. Dance and scream through the sounds of techno and electronic music and get lost into the sounds of heavy bass to experience music at its best.

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